Recently Krystal was an Artist in Resident for Digital Graffiti 10th year anniversary projection festival in Alys Beach Florida USA. She has installed a projection mapped permanent installation at Melbourne's Loop Project Space and Bar, Exhibited with [MARS] Gallery at their Melbourne Central Art Loop wall and spoke as presenter at Real World VR meet up.

Within her live performance, Krystal mixes and manipulates her individually designed motion graphics and animations. Along with live generated imagery, she experiments visually with images of nature and geometric forms, as an expression of her phenomenological encounter with reality.

Shows she preformed at include Green Velvet at Listen Out's 909 stage, AvalonDickster and Darshan at Rainbow Serpent Festival Main Stage and Patrick Topping, Kolsch, Super Flu. Andhim, Patrice Baumel presented by Thick as Thieves


I’ve worked in a Senior Motion Designer role for 3 years and have over 8 years commercial experience designing moving image experiences. My creative process begins with a reverse brief, considered concepts, storyboards, design, animation and a collaborative approach. All while intentionally creating outcomes for and intended space such as online video, TVC, TV, social media, projection mapping installations, live visuals at music events, still hero image and residential and commercial display suites.

As a motion designer I use tracking and keying tools to composite animation into film and rendered sequences. I work with music and timing to create synchronized moments between the vision and sound. My experience also includes intersecting 2D and 3D animation disciplines to create new imaginary abstract worlds that illustrate and communicate brand identity.

Motion Design creates exciting new worlds that are generally experienced within the static frame. When the opportunity presents it self, I am passionate in pushing the boundaries of the video frame into the physical tangible environments with my years of experience in projection mapping and artistic installation design.